About Me


Beautiful Winks LLC was established in August 2020 by me Kiki White Parker, a small town southern girl who always had a passion for cosmetics. As someone who suffers from dry skin, I never could enjoy the different types of lipstick formulas and colors because of my dry, cracked and peeling lips. My lips would become extremely dry and flaky upon any application of lip products, causing lipsticks and some glosses to look horrible on my lips. When I got older, I decided to do research on natural oils that would give my lips a smooth hydrating look and feel that would keep them moisturized, and also help repair them. Finally, my innovative formula was created. I provide an all natural, cruelty free, organic and vegan lip gloss brand with a choice of sheer and pigmented colors. My glosses are pleasantly scented, and created with a super hydrating formula that you will enjoy as well as I do..Dry chapped lips will become a thing of the past with our nourishing glosses. My goal is to also formulate many more amazing products in the future with natural ingredients to help repair and restore the moisture barriers of the skin and lips..Your purchases no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for visiting my site...Enjoy your kissably soft pouts.